Gulnaz Ismagilova

Managing Partner

and Lead Designer

Sergey Kosolovski

Managing Partner

and Lead Architect

Vladimir Egorov

Technical Director

Alex Firsova

Designer, Lead Decorator

Dmitry Medvedev

Designer, Decorator

Svetlana Sharaeva


Svetlana Sharihina


Natalie Firsova

Landscape Designer

Svetlana Lashina

Florist Designer

Anna Kolotilina


IG Project Group is an association of professionals in different fields of commercial and private design and architecture: architecture, landscape design, interior design, graphic design and branding. We believe that the design of the interior space should not only be efficient, aesthetic, unique and ergonomic but also needs to be an effective tool to support the commercial success of the business. 
IG Project Group has successfully completed a number of award winning and cutting edge projects incorporating the latest trends, materials and innovations.
You are welcome to join the growing ranks of our devoted customers!